Headlong logo

Angels in America poster

Faustus poster

Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness poster

Salome poster

Season 1 brochure/poster

Season 2 brochure/poster

Summer 2010 brochure

Season 3 brochure

One of the UK’s most exciting touring theatre companies, Headlong enjoy both popular and critical acclaim. The identity Eureka! designed captures the energy of Headlong and reflects their mission – to create exhilarating, provocative and spectacular theatre. The identity has been well received by the theatre world and audiences alike – generating excitement and provoking discussion. We are currently working with Headlong on their new season materials.

posted on July 28th, 2008


DLF logo

DLF annual review 2001/02

DLF annual review 2004/05

DLF annual review 2005/06

DLF annual review 2007/08

DLF training programmes

DLF selection of brochures

DLF (Disabled Living Foundation) works for independence, empowerment, knowledge and choice for older or disabled people who use equipment or technology to enhance their lives. Eureka! re-branded DLF in 2001 and has since worked on many projects, including annual reports, brochures, display signage and conference materials. We continue to enjoy working with DLF and take great pride in working with such an inspiring organisation.


posted on July 28th, 2008

De Beers Group

Diamond Trading Company brand identity

Diamond Trading Company Mnemonic – brand identity animated

Diamond Trading Company range of branded materials

Diamond Trading Company brand guidelines

Diamond Trading Company “Diamond Nature’s Miracle” international jewellery competition showcase brochure

Diamond Trading Company event materials

Diamond Trading Company exhibition panels

Diamond Trading Company event graphics

Eureka! have enjoyed working with the DTC since 2003. The DTC is the Sales
and Marketingarm of the De Beers Group. The range of work has been wide
and varied, from the design of international diamond jewellery competition
look books, training kits, event design to an extensive re-brand identity project
which included the design of a detailed brand guidelines handbook and mnemonic
of the brand. The handbook sets out guidelines for the application of DTC brand
elements throughout all corporate and consumer market applications. Central
to this process was the creation of ‘the brilliant light’ – the graphic embodiment
of the magical light within a diamond – which acts as a unifying element across
all DTC materials.

posted on July 28th, 2008

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers logo

Blackstone Chambers reception graphic

Blackstone Chambers brochure

Blackstone Chambers pupillage/exhibition display

Blackstone Chambers Focus newsletters and promotional materials for events and lectures

Blackstone Chambers stationery

Blackstone Chambers invitation

Blackstone Chambers is a leading set of Barristers’ Chambers in London, combining
formidable strengths in commercial litigation, EU and competition, public international
law, human rights, administrative and public law, and employment. Known for its modernity
and willingness to embrace new legal trends, it has a first class reputation and has won
numerous awards including being recently named as the leading set in Chambers UK 2010.
Eureka! created a bold new identity which has been applied across all communications
– from corporate stationery, corporate brochure and exhibition stands to signage, uniforms
and advertising. Eureka! created a set of Visual Identity Guidelines as part of the commission.
Eureka! continue to enjoy working with Blackstone Chambers.

posted on July 28th, 2008


DVD BFI DVD packaging

BFI Manufactured Landscapes and David Lean posters

BFI 75th Anniversary DVD box set

BFI Patrons scheme promotional materials

BFI British Transport Films DVD packaging

BFI Don’t Look Now and Syndromes and a Century posters

BFI On Kubrick and A License to be Different book covers

BFI Point Blank posters

BFI books, catalogues and guides

BFI Still Life, Fate, Decasia and Five posters

BFI The Conformist poster

BFI Great Expectations, Los Olvidados, Stella Does Tricks and Salo posters

BFI Love Letters and Wires poster

BFI We Live in Two Worlds DVD packaging

The British Film Institute (BFI) promotes understanding and appreciation
of Britain’s rich film and television heritage and culture. The BFI produces
numerous film seasons and festivals, as well as individual releases; running
the IMAX cinema and National Film Theatre; producing an extensive range
of publications and DVDs; organising education programmes and hosting
the BFI National Library. Eureka! has worked with the BFI on many projects,
including annual reports, brochures, DVD packaging and film posters.

posted on July 28th, 2008