DVD BFI DVD packaging

BFI Manufactured Landscapes and David Lean posters

BFI 75th Anniversary DVD box set

BFI Patrons scheme promotional materials

BFI British Transport Films DVD packaging

BFI Don’t Look Now and Syndromes and a Century posters

BFI On Kubrick and A License to be Different book covers

BFI Point Blank posters

BFI books, catalogues and guides

BFI Still Life, Fate, Decasia and Five posters

BFI The Conformist poster

BFI Great Expectations, Los Olvidados, Stella Does Tricks and Salo posters

BFI Love Letters and Wires poster

BFI We Live in Two Worlds DVD packaging

The British Film Institute (BFI) promotes understanding and appreciation
of Britain’s rich film and television heritage and culture. The BFI produces
numerous film seasons and festivals, as well as individual releases; running
the IMAX cinema and National Film Theatre; producing an extensive range
of publications and DVDs; organising education programmes and hosting
the BFI National Library. Eureka! has worked with the BFI on many projects,
including annual reports, brochures, DVD packaging and film posters.

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